Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The awkward moment (women) but more awkward fact (men)

One days a guy post on his Facebook about women stuff (bra)
How to choose the right one for women comfortable.
From one word to one word, that guy gives a perfect explanation.

But one women feel weird...
 "How can a guy give detail explanation 'bout women stuff while she actually didn't realize bout it although she usually used it"

Women said "The awkward moment is when I read this post and saw the person who post this is a guy -,-'' #oh my english.''

Then the guy replied "That moment more awkward when a gurl condemn a guy talking about their stuff well all their underwear's were designed by guyz" 

Women :: erk !!!

Me :: LOL ! it's true ! the fact~ (Laughing non-stop) 

P/s:: True story.

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